I've never been an Oreo freak. In fact, I like Hydrox cookies better. What about you, Oreos or Hydrox? I find the filling of both too sweet and grainy, though I do like the bittersweet taste of the chocolate cookies. But the Bouchon Bakery makes an amazing homemade oreo-style cookie called a (litigation-proof) TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo).

The chocolate wafers are wonderful cookies in their own right. They're obviously made of excellent quality dark chocolate (Vahlrona) and plenty of butter. The filling is a revelation. According to noted cookies and 'cream maven Charlotte Druckman, the filling is made of white chocolate ganache. Keller himself confirmed that for me.

This just in. What may be even better than the TKO is the $1.75 morsel of perfection called the Chocolate Bouchon. It's a brownie-like mini-cake in the shape of a cork (bouchon in French). It's about five bites worth, five bites of moist, light, intensely chocolate-y magic.

Tomorrow I'll post the recipe.


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